Two poetry reviews in print!

Spring has brought, among other things, contributors’ copies:

First, I’ve reviewed Jade Wallace’s poetry collection Love is a Place But You Cannot Live There for Spacing Magazine. It’s really rather perfect poetry for people interested in psychogeography, place, and the relationships between people and infrastructure and history and each other. It’s drawing on a lot of smarts while staying accessible, and it’s by turns haunted, sad, thoughtful, and really dryly funny.

I also review Barrie poet Caitlin McKenzie’s chapbook Wifehood for Room Magazine. It is hand-sewn, very deeply layered, and doing so much beneath a deceptively simple surface about relationships and how we vision and revision them.

More to come through the summer!


Poem for a Flower Moon Ride!

Small event upcoming, if you’re in Toronto and love to cycle!

I’ve had the tiniest commission this month: to write and then read a full-moon poem to kick off Brompton Toronto’s group ride and picnic. The group ride starts around 5pm this coming Sunday, May 26, and there’s a chance to hang out and be social before and after.

I sort of love this as the kind of event that opens with an invocation, so this has already been fun in the privacy of my home and is going to definitely be fun in the streets/trails/park. Sign up to come along!


The 2023 publications

It’s close enough to the end of year to not turn, but reach threateningly for the Out of Office sign, so: This is what I published in 2023.

Short Fiction
“Sunday in the Park with Hank” in The Year’s Best Canadian Fantasy and Science Fiction, December 2023.

“white squirrel season again” in Canthius, January 2023.
“Notable Escapes” in Strange Horizons, June 19, 2023.
“Sisyphus, Mid-Flight” in The Deadlands, October 2023.
“what Mama says” in Fire from the Heart 2023: Winners of the Muriel’s Journey Poetry Prize, December 2023.

“Arboreality”, CAROUSEL Magazine, May 10, 2023.
“The Animal in the Room”, CAROUSEL Magazine, May 17, 2023.
“The Ending Isn’t More Important than Any of the Moments Leading to It: A Narrative Review of Freebird Games’s To the Moon, Finding Paradise, and Impostor Factory”, CAROUSEL Magazine, May 24, 2023.

Happy holidays, and see you next year!


Year’s Best Canadian SFF now available!

It’s publication day for the first volume of Ansible Press’s Year’s Best Canadian Fantasy and Science Fiction — including “Sunday in the Park With Hank”, the very much experimental 1920s New York ghost story I had in The Deadlands last July.

It’s available in most ebook formats in print through Kobo, Amazon Canada, Amazon US, or worldwide through other providers.


Sisyphus in The Deadlands

A new short poem has gone live for non-subscribers in this month’s issue of The Deadlands: “Sisyphus, Mid-Flight” is about the particular tyranny of second chances.

It’s ending the issue, which I think was a lovely touch on the editors’ parts.


Speculative Toronto in Spacing

A nice — and somewhat unconventional — professional milestone this week! Public space standard Spacing Magazine‘s new issue is dedicated to Toronto in literature, and Toronto horror writer and journalist David Nickle’s contributed an article on the city in speculative fiction.

I’ve been reading Spacing for ages, so being quoted in that piece is a really neat little moment. It’s alongside some great writers, and overall it’s a neat piece, exploring how we shape the geographic imaginary in a really accessible way.

The issue’s available on the website, or at most Ontario magazine retailers!


“Sunday in the Park With Hank” makes a Year’s Best

More good news for “Sunday in the Park With Hank”, the very much experimental 1920s New York ghost story I had in The Deadlands last July: it’ll be included in the first volume of Ansible Press’s Year’s Best Canadian Fantasy and Science Fiction this autumn.

I’m pretty unendingly proud of where this story takes itself, and looking forward to the rest of the table of contents!


An afternoon at the Muriel’s Journey Poetry Prize Awards

The schedule is up for the Muriel’s Journey Poetry Prize award ceremony, and I’ll be reading as part of it!

It’s a virtual event this year, part of Word Vancouver, and the stream kicks off Saturday, September 9, 2023 at 2:30 PM PST / 5:30 PM EST. There’ll be an announcement of the winners and readings from the winning and honourably mentioned poets.

Hope to see you there!


An Honourable Mention at the Muriel’s Journey Prize

Some lovely and unexpected news announced last week, while I was away at a writing workshop: one of my short poems, “what Mama says”, received an honourable mention in the 5th Annual Muriel’s Journey Poetry Prize.

The prize is in honour of social justice activist and poet Muriel Marjorie, and it’s an extra honour to be part of something built around putting good in the world.

The piece will be published alongside the winners and other honourable mentions in this year’s chapbook from Three Ocean Press, and there’s an event in the works for Word on the Street Vancouver.


“Notable Escapes” at Strange Horizons

A new short poem live this week at Strange Horizons: “Notable Escapes” is about Harry Houdini/good Rabbi’s son Ehrich Weisz and not being small for anyone, and I am terribly fond of it.

The title comes from a heading on Houdini’s Wikipedia entry. There was no way I could read that and not start doodling with words.