The 2022 publications

The out-of-office is up, there’s a storm coming in, and it’s close enough to the end of the year to call it a day, so: this was 2022 in publications.

Short Fiction
“Sunday in the Park with Hank” in The Deadlands issue 15, July 2022.

“Local Leopards” in Qwerty Magazine, Winter 2021.
“Better Attitudes to Pleasure” and “Vestige” in Prairie Fire: A Canadian Magazine of New Writing, Winter 2021-22.
“Breaking Horses” in Grain, Spring 2022.
“fertile week” in Reckoning: Our Beautiful Reward, November 2022.

“An Archive or a Heart: A Review of Isaac Fellman’s Dead Collections”, Plenitude Magazine, September 24, 2022.

Story reviewer, Imagine 2200 climate fiction contest.

2022 Utopia Award for Anthology/Collection, (Reckoning 5, as editor with Cécile Cristofari).

2023 is already rearing its head, like it does in this line of work: there’ll be a new poetry in January, and a reviewing residency sometime in spring or summer.

Happy holidays, and see you next year!

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